What we do

We are co-founders to platforms where people can meet, exchange experiences and share knowledge. Right now we are developing a digital and social marketplace that lets curious people book P2P video talks about their interests, hobbies and passions

It’s a peer-to-peer marketplace where people book talks about their specific topics. We bring enthusiasts on display in each category, so users can find a speaking partner in their specific field. 

How it works

Step 1: Register, browse and schedule your talk

Start by registering and then browsing among other talkers and your favorite categories and topics.

Step 2: Do your talk

After finding another talker you schedule a time that matches your calendar and enjoy your talk!

Step 3: Keep talking

Did you like the talk? Book a new session with the same talker, or browse for more interesting talkers to find another opportunity for a great talk.

Life’s too short for boring conversations.

Do you wish to be part of the journey? In our Start Up we are looking for people with the interest in value-creating conversations, technical competence for the development of the platform and contacts that can help us reach out. If you happen to be a hobby enthusiast in some area – don’t hesitate to sign up to be one of our first talkers.

Curious? Share your interests with us, to help us understand what you like to talk about and be the first to know what we are up to. While doing so you might also be picked out to test our Beta version of the platform.

Our latest news

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